Visiting the museum

No special clothing required, no protective helmets, the Saga du Rhum museum is a nice compromise between a visit to an industrial site and a cultural activity.

Families of visitors can wander safely through the various parts of the museum.

- Regulations :
For security reasons, cameras, video cameras and mobile phones may not be used on the walkway above the distillery. These may be used in all the other parts of the museum.

The museum is a no-smoking area, with the exception of the car-park.
No drinking in the museum. Rum sold in the museum shops may only be drunk off the premises. No tasting by under-18s.

- Access for handicapped persons :
The museum is entirely accessible for wheelchairs : there are two lifts and a ramp leading to the museum shop.

- School parties
Visits of the Saga du Rhum museum are appropriate for schoolchildren of all ages.
Specific visits covering different topics, with a guide, : guided tour of the permanent exhibition, specific explanatory visit on sugar-cane, manufacture of rum, history of rum in Reunion Island etc.
Bookings of specific visits :
Tel : +262 (0) 262 35 81 93

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La Saga du Rhum
Chemin Fredeline - 97410 Saint-Pierre, Ile de la Réunion
Tel. +262 (0) 262 35 81 90

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