The distillery

The art of manufacturing rum

Whether it is produced from sugar-cane or molasses, manufacturing rum necessitates skills that have been handed down over several generations.

Your visit of the Saga du Rhum museum will take you through the smallest distillery on Reunion Island, the ISAUTIER distillery, a family affair set up in 1845 and still in activity today.

During the sugar-cane harvest, which takes place from June to December, the distillery is particularly busy and your senses will be particularly active : there is the scent of the molasses sent in directly from the processing plants, the sound of water running through the hot fermenting vats, alcohol steaming out of the distilling tower … you are invited to share and experience the labours of the men who worked and still work on producing rum.

During the other months of the year, rum is distilled in the traditional manner, in the still, and the fruits macerating in the rum produce a concentration of flavours (spirits), used to flavour punch and perfumed rums, another of the distillery’s specialities.
Production of agricultural rum started at the Isautier Distillery on 31st August 2010 and will carry on until 4th September. Production of traditional sugar-processing plant rum, made out of molasses, will start on 6th September and carry on into November.

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