Key Rum Figures

Rum is the world’s fourth most popular spirit after liqueur, whisky and brandy. It ranks first in the white alcohol category before vodka and gin.
French Overseas Departments produce 40% of the rum sold in Europe. In France, rum accounts for 6% of spirit consumption.

A dynamic sector
Rum production in Reunion continues to rise dynamically, reaching some 110,000 HPA a year. The island’s three distilleries are conspicuously basing their strategy on quality and offer extensive ranges and tasty products. They have a proactive positioning policy on the French mainland market, whereas the local market has seen a continuous drop in terms of volume.

Declining consumption in Reunion
In the last 30 years per capita consumption of rum has dropped dramatically, but not that of imported alcoholic drinks—especially whisky, beer and wine.

Rum consumption has thus gone from 23,000 HPA down to 17,000 HPA since 1980. Yet rum is still the island’s most popular alcoholic beverage.

Alcohol consumption decreased by 41% in the last 30 years. On an average, Reunion islanders consume much less alcohol than in mainland France (respectively 9.71 L and 15.6 L).

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