An ambitious project

The idea of the museum was initiated by the ISAUTIER distillery and work on the project started in 2003. Three possibilities were discussed : a museum/shop, an information centre or a museum. The latter idea was finally retained.

Based on a traditional product closely linked to the history of Reunion Island, the Saga du Rhum museum was a collaborative project by the island’s 3 distilleries : Rivière du Mât, Savanna and ISAUTIER. The museum was set up on the premises of the oldest family distillery still in activity, that of the Isautier family, in St Pierre, Reunion Island.

Important dates of the Saga du rhum museum :
- 2003 : feasibility study for the project
- 18 October 2005 : 1st stone - appropriately, a marking tag from a barrel - laid in the presence of rum manufacturers from the French departments of Guadeloupe, French Guyana, Martinique and Reunion.
- 21st December 2006 : Funding granted by Regional Council of Reunion and the EU
- Construction suspended due to the outbreak of the chikungunya disease. The museum finally completed between July 2007 and August 2008.
- 5th December 2008 : La Saga du Rhum museum officially inaugurated in the presence of the Préfet (representative of the French government) of Reunion, Pierre-Henry MACCIONI.
- 19 December 2008 : The Saga du Rhum museum opened to the public.

An original project, set up with the support of European Funds, the French state, the Regional Council of Reunion, as well as the CIVIS and the town council of Saint Pierre.

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