"Le dépôt de rhums"

A shop offering whole range of colours and flavours.

Your visit ends up in a village of colourful Creole houses.

In the central square, called ‘La Place du Rhum’, there are stalls offering a wide range of different types of rum, punch and perfumed rum coming from the three distilleries and various manufacturers on the island.

You can also buy different kinds of sugar and spices to mix your own cocktails and all sorts of other gifts connected with the Saga du Rhum.

There is a second entrance to the "le Dépôt de rhums" shop, independent of the museum : at the rear of the building and up the stairs leading to the terrace.

Rums bought from the shop must be carried out and may not be drunk inside.

The ‘dépôt de rhums’ shop is open daily, from 10am to 6pm.

Le Dépôt de Rhums
Chemin Fredeline - B.P. 354 - Saint Pierre Cedex - Ile de la Réunion
Tel.+262 (0) 262 35 81 91

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