La Saga du Rhum

« An encounter with an island, its population and a product »

Set up in Reunion Island, the Saga du Rhum museum opened in December 2008. Located at the heart of the island’s oldest family distillery, still in activity today, it is situated in St Pierre, close to the volcano and the ‘deep south’ of the island.

The only museum dedicated to rum on the island, the Saga du Rhum will take you through a historical, cultural and sensory adventure, mingling the history of the island with that of its people and the manufacture of this traditional local product.

Come and take part in the adventure of rum, in a context rich in colours and flavours !

In a few seconds, you can discover the essential landmarks of your visit : "An invitation to experience the history of rum in Reunion."

With the collaboration of the Regional Council, the EU, the Civis (federation of town councils of the south of Réunion) and the Isautier, Rivière du Mât and Savanna distilleries.

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