Rum run profile

A concentration movement has taken place over the years : there were 31 rum distilleries in 1928, and only three are left today—but production capacity has never been so high.

Savanna Distillery
Savanna was founded around 1870 in Saint-Paul. In 1992, it was relocated close to the Bois-Rouge sugar mill and power station (Compagnie Thermique de Bois-Rouge) in Saint-André.
This efficient, state-of-the art facility has a 300 HPA daily production capacity. It was granted ISO 9001 quality certification in 2003.
The best part of its production is marketed in bulk, but it has also developed its own brand : Savanna. It is one of the world’s only four distilleries producing “full flavour” (or high-bodied) rum.

Rivière-du-Mât Distillery
Distillerie Rivière du Mât is located in the Beaufonds industrial site in Saint-Benoît. Its ageing storehouse is in Saint-Louis.
Its production capacity is 400 HPA a day. It can process up to 70% of molasses produced in the island.
Part of its production is put in store for ageing : it is used to make a whole range of old rums aged 3 to 10 years, and even more.

Isautier Distillery
It is the island’s smallest and oldest distillery. This family business was set up in 1845 and is now run by the 6th generation of owners.
The distillery has a daily production capacity of 70 HPA. Since its early days, one of its signature marks of excellence has been to produce agricultural rum. This makes it unique in Reunion Island.
In addition to white and old rums aged 5, 10 or 15 years, the group produces a wide range of punches, spiced rums, spiced fruit and liqueurs.

In the last ten years, the three distilleries have undertaken a complete upgrade. To meet the new demands of international trade and new emerging lifestyles, particular emphasis has been laid on quality.
Quality controls have been reinforced at each production stage, with improvements in the nature of “non-alcohol” substances during distillation. Considerable effort has been made for packaging and communication.

Reunion Island rum is now a stylish, sophisticated drink.
This position was also achieved through a joint policy of Reunion rum makers who decided to set up a GIE (Economic Interest Grouping) in 1972 with the view of structuring and developing the Charrette brand, a blend of Reunion Island traditional industrial rums. Since that time, boosted by dynamic cooperation and the Charrette success story, Reunion rum has sold around the entire world.

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